Our Vehicle

Our Vehicle

We have a powerful, industry standard DAF grab lorry available for hire in Guildford, Farnham, Portsmouth & the surrounding areas in Hampshire.

This agile, high performance eight wheeler vehicle has a grab range of 15 feet, allowing our operative to pick up small and larger quantities of waste to be loaded on board. 

Our grab lorry's overall capacity is 16 tonnes (maximum weight 32 tonnes). The vehicle is cleaned, serviced and maintained on a regular basis, ensuring we are able to deliver a consistent, reliable service for all our clients.

The vehicle can remove large quantities of building and landscaping materials such as clay, soil, sand and chalk with a minimum of hassle. We also supply and deliver reclaimed building materials for a wide array of commercial and domestic projects. We are pleased to offer our clients some of the most competitive grab hire rates available in Hampshire!

The grab lorry is operated by Simon Byrne, our proprietor. Simon has more than 10 years' experience within the waste management industry and is committed to delivering safe and best practice. All debris is removed and disposed of safely and responsibly, diverting from landfill wherever possible. 

If you are based in Portsmouth, Guildford, Winchester, Farnham or the surrounding area and have any further enquiries about our vehicle's capabilities, please get in touch with us. Call 07727 269 497 today to request a free hire quote.